Smokeys Guide Report by Captain Jerry Ruffalo

Mother Nature never loses! And she’s not friendly to fishermen! The constant wind, swinging from one direction to another, continues to test those who wish to challenge the Bay. Good walleye fishing continues on the Fox River, with a mixture of pre and post spawn walleyes taken daily. Hair jigs, blade baits, and rippin raps have been best. Night time fishermen continue to take big walleyes nightly, casting crankbaits near the refuge line and trolling the flats below the 172 bridge. In Oconto, many pre spawn and post spawn walleyes are found near the river mouth and around County Park 2. Rippin raps and hair jigs are best. The Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers are also putting out good catches of walleyes, with jigs/pulse-r’s and ripping raps being best. Please be safe on the water and take a kid fishing.
Capt Jerry Ruffolo
Anglers Plus Guide Service LLC
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