Smokeys ice report by Captain Claus. 1/17.24

First and foremost, no ice is ever safe ice.
I know everyone has been watching this cold spell waiting and itching to get their boots and ice suit on
and hit the ice.
There are finally areas of fishable ice on Green Bay.
With that said extreme caution should be used on any of this early ice on Green Bay no matter what the
location. You should plan on limiting your travel to walking for your first adventures out. Just because
you may see other people out and they may have a shack out or even a snowmobile never assume you
can just drive out onto the area. Check the ice yourself and use caution.
As far as locations the Fox river has had folks venturing out for the last few days but again cautions foot
traffic only. Some Whitefish and a few walleye are being caught with your typical vertical jigging tactics
and baits.
The lower bay areas like Volks and Bay Shore all have walkable ice and reports are the ice is rough, so be
prepared also reports are those locations have a lot of slush under the rough ice. Fishing for Whitefish
in those areas form most early reports has been slow.
Perch folks are cautiously venturing into Deadhorse Bay and Suamico but again use a lot of caution. No
real reports of great action as of yet.
The door county ice areas exposed to the big winds all week are still very suspect and dangerous. Even
thou most areas seemingly have some rough ice. Sugar Creek, Lime Kiln, Sherwood Point all may have
ice but should be considered suspect and with open water out on the bay wind and current shifts could
present even more danger for those locations.
Little Sturgeon has had reports of folks very cautiously venturing out but again do not just go driving
your ATV out foot traffic and drilling and spudding your way out is recommended. Currents and rock
areas can leave soft spots and thin spots even in protected bays like Little Sturgeon. No real reports of
catching going on yet but that is because up until a day ago no one was really out there.
If you are headed to Green Bay to get your ice fish on for the weekend, please use extreme caution.
Even though the week has provided us with a good start to making some good ice no areas are in mid-
winter form and should be all approached with caution. I can not over state that fact!
Also be advised that shipping traffic out on Green Bay does continue and it looks like Sunday will be a
strong southerly wind shift, that can send a guy floating on an iceberg pretty quickly.

Yah, only at Smokeys!!!

Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters