Smokeys the home of custom painted lures 2/15/21 fishing report

  Ice conditions on the lower bay are real good but use caution if you are driving a vehicle on the ice. Contact your local bait store or a guide to get first hand information before you venture on the ice.  Fox River by the dam and fair grounds have been pretty good for walleyes fishing the breaks off the shoreline.  Fishing by the 172 bridge continues to produce crappie, perch and walleyes. Out of Metro launch fishermen are catching walleyes, whitefish and some real nice northern pike.  East shore out of Joliet Park, Voekes, Bay Shore and Dycksville fishermen are catching walleye and Whitefish.  West shore out of the Duck Creek river, Dead Horse Bay, Hook rd and Geanos are still hot for jumbo perch, northern pike, walleyes and some whitefish. Give us a call at Smokeys 920 593 1749 to get updated information on what lures are working best to catch these fish. Yah, only at Smokeys!!!