Smokeys Weekly Fishing Report 10/25/21

Fall is here and the colder temps are making the fish put on the feed bag. The only draw back we are having are the high blowing winds hitting the lower bay. Please use caution while venturing out on a fishing trip. Perch are still being caught out of Bay Shore, Vincent, Suamico River and Geanos if you are fishing on the bay. Other spots that are doing good are by the 172 bridge and small harbors. In the harbors giant bluegills and crappies are also being caught. Remember that it is illegal to enter these private harbors via their property but you can access them by boat as it is federal waters. Please respect their property. Walleyes are still being caught on both shores of the bay. As the water get colder walleyes will enter the river systems. The Fox River is producing some nice walleyes by the dam and virtually the whole river system either by jigging or trolling cranks. Muskies were really hitting well until we had that big blow last Thursday on the bay. The hot spot was frying pan shoal. University Bay should start up soon as well as the Fox river. For fishing off shore Voyager Park is doing well for walleyes and Metro Launch by the warm water discharge is on fire at night with numerous walleyes 30 inches plus are being caught. Also at Metro Launch at night lots of pike and big muskies are being caught throwing smaller cranks into the bait balls of gizzard shad. Firetiger colors are working the best. For more information give us a call at 920 593 1749. Yah, only at Smokeys!!!