Smokeys weekly fishing report by Captain Claus 1/30/23

First and foremost, no ice is ever safe ice.
Well, the cold weather is finally here, and the Green Bay big boat traffic has ceased, so we are all hoping
for much better ice conditions moving forward.
Green Bay waters are still not completely locked up, so paying very close attention to the wind direction
every day is still critical
Areas like Volks Landing and Bayshore Park and Red River the ice has become much more stable and the
fishing there has been more on the positive side than negative. Mostly Whitefish have been reported in
the catches with a Walleye showing up on occasion in all three locations. Jigging with weight forward
style jigs has been the most popular tactic. Tipping the jigs with Plastics like Keitech Easy Shiner or
Grumpy Baits Goby’s has been productive and some folks are having success tipping their jigs with a
minnow tail. #5 Jigging Raps are always a good choice for Walleye.
Dead Horse Bay, and the Suamico area are still producing some Perch catches, along with some Walleye
activity a few Whitefish. Crowds in areas have slowed the bite at times for Perch. Tip downs are still the
most productive set up for Perch. Tipping with a small shiner or Rosie Red. Word has it that Smokey’s
on the Bay has a fresh stock of Tip downs in store! Ask Jeff about them when you pick up your Perch
minnows! If you are looking for Pike on Tip ups or Automatic Fisherman rigs head shallow and look for
some weeds.
Sugar Creek to Little Sturgeon still had some unstable ice as of Saturday. The shove ice in those areas is
also bad and even when the ice locks up travel will be difficult.
Guys walking out at Lime Kiln Rd near Little Sturgeon are having some success with Whitefish.
Little Sturgeon Perch action on tip downs has been continued to be good and some Pike are being taken
on Tips ups with Large Shiners. Getting away from the other fishermen has been key at times.
The Sawyer Harbor area has also had good action for Perch and Pike. Tip up and Tipo down set ups are
doing the work here. Ice in these areas has been in good condition holding at 8”-9” inside the bays. Do
use caution still as there have been pockets that have been only 4-5” still as of Sunday the 29 th of
Most other locations in Door County continue to have very bad ice conditions and it is suggested to stay
off until this cold weather has a chance to dig in and build some ice for us. At the very least scout and
poke around cautiously.
The Fox River has begun to skim up again, but I would hold off for several days yet before I would
venture out there.
We have begun putting our Whitefish Rental Shacks in Door County out on the ice as of Sunday. We are
hoping to kick off our season guiding starting Thursday. We will eb fishing near shore to begin and are
cautiously optimistic we will begin to look to the deeper water soon. If you are looking to book
something, give me a call, we have plenty of openings weekdays and Sundays. Most Saturdays in
February are full but March we have open spots still.
Be careful out there no fish is worth your life.

Yah, only at Smokeys!!!
Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters