Smokeys weekly fishing report (last ice report) by Captain Claus 2/20/23

First and foremost, no ice is ever safe ice.
Howdy folks this will be it, the last report for a short Green Bay ice season if you want to even call it
The major ice pack on Green Bay has blown apart and moved out to the open water. Satellite pictures
from Sunday Jan 19 th tell the tale of lots of open water up through the entire Bay.
There is some ice hanging on in protected areas like Dead Horse Bay and Suamico and University Bay but
all these areas have take a beating as far as ice strength the last week and from hear on out all ice on
Green Bay should be considered extremely dangerous. Use extreme caution on any let over shoreline
Many areas I was scouting over the weekend even though on top the ice seemed good I had ice from 8-
12” in areas around Sturgeon Bay but drilling half way through it the partial hole would fil up with water
seeping from underneath in a few minutes.
I did hear of some Pike still being caught in the shallow water in Suamico and Dead Horse Bay on tip ups
with large shiners. Perch activity as usual was better away from the commotion.
Reports are Red River and Bay Shore alone with Volks all have ice but it is not great and with open water
near by all these areas are susceptible to instability with winds. Reports of some Whitefish catches were
still coming in over the weekend along with a few Walleye.
Little Sturgeon Bay and Sawyer Harbor both have people still out fishing but travel should be limited to
foot traffic or ATV/Snowmobile but with those be very careful as the ice around points and various
structures is very soft and there are more cracks and shoves where ice is buckling all over these areas in
the last week. Some Pike coming in the back of Little Sturgeon along with a few decent perch. Box Tip
ups and Tip downs were key for Perch along with Tip ups with large shiners for Pike action.
Downtown Sturgeon Bay went from completely iced in a week ago to all open water shore to shore.
The impending snow storm this week will make the conditions even more suspect to trouble.
My advice, make other plans for the upcoming weekend…. If you do decide you want to venture out on
the ice please, please, please, do not become a statistic use extreme caution.
No fish is worth your life!

Yah, only at Smokeys!!!
Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters