Smokeys ice report by Captain Claus 1/30.24

First and foremost, no ice is ever safe ice.
Well folks as I type this, I am sure most are aware we are in the middle of an extended bit of a warm
spell here in WI. With that said extreme caution should be used on all of the ice on Green Bay no matter
the location.
The Fox River should be avoided the ice has become very dangerous and it is not getting better soon.
The lower bay areas like Volks and Bay Shore all have walkable ice and reports are the ice is ok but
deteriorating so be prepared. Fishing for Whitefish in those areas form most reports has been good and
a few Walleyes have shown up also.
Areas like Deadhorse Bay and Suamico still have ice but reports are the access areas have become
troublesome so use caution.
The Door County ice areas like Sugar Creek, Lime Kiln, Big Rock, Sherwood Point all may have ice but
should be considered suspect and with open water out on the bay wind and current shifts could present
even more danger for those locations. Just this last Saturday a portion of the ice pack pushed out
offshore opening a gap 100-200 yards wide. Reports of Whitefish Acton have come on from those areas
but mind your surroundings and winds if you are out there.
Little Sturgeon has had a good amount of traffic still even some ATV and light UTV traffic but continue to
use caution if planning to head there as the warm spell will continue to have the potential to deteriorate
the ice. Reports of some Perch action in the mornings have come in but you may have to sort through a
few small ones to get a keeper. Tip downs have been working with minnows.
Sawyer harbor has also had a fair amount of folks venturing out as the action for Perch has picked up
some. Similar techniques with box tip ups and tip downs are taking fish besides a few jigging.
No one should be attempting to venture out to any of the areas on Larsons reef as that is extremely
suspect with pockets of open water and not at all safe for travel. Even areas like near shore Oak Avenue
and Cabot point are all very suspect to deteriorating conditions and should be avoided or at the very
lease use extreme caution.
Big boat traffic on Green Bay has come to a halt for a few weeks now with the closing of the port.
The next 10 days of weather have very mild temperatures in the forecast so if you are headed out be
prepared for changes daily. We still are holding out hope for a forecasted cooling trend moving thru in
mid-February but that remains to be seen.
If you are headed to Green Bay to get your ice fishing fix on use extreme caution, pay attention to wind
direction Green Bay is NOT locked in and potential for movement is high.

Yah, only at Smokeys!!!

Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters