Smokeys weekly fishing report by Captain Claus 2/5/24

First and foremost, no ice is ever safe ice.
Overall the Green Bay ice situation for sure has deteriorated. With the weather pattern this week it will
continue to get bad as we warm to near 50 by Thursday, along with some predicted rain.
The Fox River has opened up and the boat ramp at both Metro landing and Fox Point Landing both have
had a launch lane that has been opened up by some diligent fishermen. There is still ice flow coming
down river so mind that when loading and launch your boats but if you are looking to get out in a boat
there is an opportunity. Walleye were biting over the weekend on Jig and Minnow, Plastics and hair jigs.
All Ice areas should be considered very dangerous and extreme caution should be take on all Green Bay
ice until colder weather returns.
The lower bay areas like Volks and Bay Shore all have walkable ice as of right now but that is going to be
suspect at the week goes on. The same can be said of Deadhorse Bay, Suamico and Geanos.
Everything in Door County that is outside of any bay should be considered suspect and dangerous
moving through this week.
Little Sturgeon and Sawyer Harbor both had had a folks venturing out over the weekend on foot, action
for Perch was fair, but like all areas this week use caution as the weather progresses.
No one should be attempting to venture out to any of the areas on Larsons reef as that is extremely
suspect with open water and not at all safe for travel.
If you are headed to Green Bay to get your ice fishing fix on use extreme caution, pay attention to wind
direction Green Bay is NOT locked in and potential for movement is high.
My humble opinion would be to make other plans for this week/weekend and not take on sketchy ice.
.Yah, only at Smokeys!!!

Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters