Smokeys weekly fishing report by Captain Claus 2/12/24

Sorry folks on general there is no real ice to speak of on Green Bay for getting out on. The winds last
week really tore up and blew around what we had and the satellite shots from over the weekend show
there is even very little floating ice around on Green Bay. If you are looking to get out ice fishing your
best bet might be to head north into Norther WI or the UP.
I know there are a few Guides running airboats on some remaining ice in the Door County area but even
up there the shoe lines are shot in most locations so even walk out traffic is difficult and dangerous.
The Fox River is wide open and ice free from the Dam in DePere all the way out past the mouth and all
launches are open with no docks so be aware of that.
Fishing has been good to fair. Folks using jig/minnow combinations in the channels and edges slipping
the little bit of current we have and vertical jigging are getting both Walleye and a few Whitefish.
Casting up at the dam seems to be producing a couple fish but no real numbers. Casting plastics and
hair jigs on the flats is also producing fair catches and a few night trollers have been out getting some
fish each trip.
Keep in mind this is still Mid-February and not the spring March run yet, so their feeding windows can
be short and sporadic as their metabolism is not moved into pre-spawning mode yet.
Rumor has it both Kewaunee and Algoma boat ramps are ice free and a few folks have been trolling
Brown Trout along the shore lines in those areas with some success also running stick baits.
We may not have good ice but there seems to be some opportunity to get out and wet a line!
Be safe and tight lines.

Yah, only at Smokeys!!!

Capt. Robert Claus
FinFanatic Charters