Smokeys weekly fishing report by Captains Ruffolo and Claus 4/8/24

The Green Bay area got its fair share of rain and snow the last week. The runoff and precipitation
brough muddy conditions for anglers getting out on the Fox Fiver and Lower Bay Thursday through
On the Fox working brighter colored plastics and hair jigs did catch some fish but the very muddy water
made the bite difficult for most. Trolling brighter color crank baits also was working in the dirty water
with slow speeds around 1.0-1.2mph. Nighttime trolling on the river for most anglers proved to be
tough with the very dirty water making it difficult for the fish to find the baits. With the increase of
current and warming water the fish are starting to spawn more heavily the last few nights.
Out on the Bay areas of slightly cleaner water were productive. Trolling the east shoreline from the
University up to point Sable in anywhere from 5’-9’ with crank baits over the weekend was fair to good.
Again, slower speeds running baits like Flicker Minnows and P-10s in brighter colors and baits with some
white on them seemed to be the most productive. Working the waters from around Point Comfort all
the way to Dykesville has also been producing some good catches. The water up that way is a littler
cleaner yet. Most fish have come from 8—16’ both Flicker minnows and P-10’s have also been working
up there. Reports of a few fish showing up in the Suamico area have also hit the radar. Trolling up there
also being the most productive plan of attack.
In the Oconto area walleyes are starting their yearly spawning ritual. Some fish are still staging you in
14’-18’ off the mouths of the rivers, while others have moved into the Oconto and Peshtigo rivers. Over
the weekend both pre-spawn and post spawn fish have shown up bot the post spawn fish seemed to be
more prevalent by the weekend. Casting Hair jigs in Purple, Purple/Black, White/Pink and
Purple/Chartreuse colors all took fish. Rip n Raps in dark colors also caught some Walleye. With the Rip
n Raps a slow lift of a foot or less trigger bites, as these fish were not aggressively chasing baits. A few
fish have come on jigs and plastics also. Water temps ranged from 41-46 Degrees by Sunday afternoon.
The Door County areas did not have a lot of activity this last week mainly due to the higher winds across
the Bay
For any of your spring bait or lure needs stop in a Smokies on the Bay, Jeff will hook you up with what is
Be safe and tight lines.
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